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USSE is an efficient and intuitive piece of software whose main purpose is to assist companies in controlling what information leaves the premises through various storage devices, like USB sticks, CDs or DVDs, but also memory cards or smart phones.
Subsequent to a brief installation process with no events to speak of, you will need to restart your computer in order for the changes to take effect and for you to begin using USSE. When launching the utility, you are required to input the access password, which by default is ‘111111’.
Clean and user-friendly looks
The main window of USSE is very easy to understand and work with, as it features all of its functions distributed in three distinct ways, on the side panel, the program’s ribbon and the menus, enabling you to work with whichever feel handiest to you.
You can switch between the various sections of USSE just by clicking on the corresponding button or tab, then start adjusting the ‘Security Settings’, ‘USB Warning Configuration’, ‘File Copying Backup’, or ‘Copying Control’.
Decide what devices can copy data
USSE allows you to manage the default ‘USB Read-Write Mode’ as well as other devices, having several options to choose from, namely ‘Blocked’, ‘Read Only’, ‘Allowed’ or ‘Write Only’. Moreover, the tool lets you set up certain alerts using a customized message for when a ‘USB Device Is Set Read-Only’, ‘USB Device Is Blocked’, ‘USB Device Is Write-Only’ or ‘Copying Is Denied’.
The program also features the possibility of creating backups of all the files that are copied to or from the host computer, as well as log all such operations for further analysis. Similarly, you can activate ‘Copying Control’ to forbid certain file formats from being duplicated.
Useful USB activity tracker
To sum it up, USSE is a reliable and easy to handle application which is meant to help you keep a close eye on everything that gets transferred from and to work computers, enabling you to prevent important data from being wrongly accessed or distributed.

USSE is an efficient and intuitive piece of software whose main purpose is to assist companies in controlling what information leaves the premises through various storage devices, like USB sticks, CDs or DVDs, but also memory cards or smart phones.
Subsequent to a brief installation process with no events to speak of, you will need to restart your computer in order for the changes to take effect and for you to begin using

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KeyMACRO is a powerful and yet easy to use application which allows you to control the different access functions on your computer. This is possible by making use of the USB port on your computer. USB contains a hidden “key” or serial number which allows the computer to authenticate who owns it. With this feature you can safely copy files, share your USB devices, and perform other important operations.
It is important to realize that this tool is not designed to work like a regular USB drive. You cannot plug the device into your computer without using KeyMACRO, and you can also not move your files onto the device without using KeyMACRO. If you want to perform normal USB operations without the use of KeyMACRO, you can just plug the device into a USB port on the computer.
KeyMACRO Features:
– Safely copy files and other data from the computer without the use of USB.
– Block USB devices based on the device’s unique Serial number.
– Delete files on a device that were placed on the computer by another user.
– Install and uninstall any device that you want on your computer.
– Use different device policies.
– Easy to use interface.

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Adfree is available in different languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Thai, and Vietnamese.

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Adfree is a free and safe download manager, which allows you to access your files even if the computer is turned off. It is one of the best free password managers.

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As an easy to use interface, Adfree provides a beautiful, user-friendly interface. It is a powerful application for all those who need to store their passwords in a safe way and who wish to keep their privacy.

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Adfree will keep your data safe with the encryption method AES-256 bit. Adfree is an easy to use and free software, that allows you to store your passwords in a safe way.

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Ruby On Rails: Create New Object and set its current_user field

I’m new to rails and I’m having trouble creating a new object and setting the current_user field in the session in a “create” action in a controller. I’m trying to write a program that creates a new project, and sets the project.current_user to the currently signed in user. I’ve been searching and trying many different things but I can’t figure out why this isn’t working for me.
Rails Controller code:
def create
@project = current_user.projects.new(project_params)
if @project.save
redirect_to @project
render ‘new’

def project_params
params.require(:project).permit(:title, :description)

Here is my “new” view code:

And my routes file:
Rails.application.routes.draw do
root ‘projects#index’
get “new” => ‘projects#new’
resources :projects do
resources :tasks
get ‘:id’ => ‘projects#show’, as: :show_project

I thought that if I were creating a new project, the project.current_user would automatically get updated with the currently signed in user, but this isn’t working. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


You have to pass the current user to the project.new() method.
Try to change your code to:

What’s New In?

Use USSE to monitor USB activity on your desktop. In this way, you can keep an eye on what USB devices are connected to your PC, what their purpose is and what processes use them.
By using the integrated "Device Monitor", you can easily see all connected USB devices and their connection to a PC, for example: – whether they are mounted as a storage drive – whether they have a file system or no file system attached to them – whether they have a name or not – what they represent – and much more.
With USSE you can use the included "USB Histogram" which allows you to see the number of USB-devices connected to your PC as well as the usage of different types of USB devices, like file systems, printer, mass storage and joysticks, over time.
A useful tool for monitoring USB activity on your PC, USSE can be used on any Windows based PC without any limitations. With USSE you can quickly get information about any connected USB devices including their usage, name and file system. This information helps you to organize and to keep track of your USB devices.
What’s new in this version:
– Many bug fixes;
– The error messages are shown with the related error code;
– Report the usage of USB Storage Devices to Microsoft;
– Remove system timeout when switching between multiple USB-devices;
– Restore a lot of functions on different USB-devices;
– “Removable” USB devices are correctly shown;
– Single click to switch between USB mode and file mode;
– Placed “USB Mode” button above the “File System” menu;
– Added “Show status of USB devices during file operations” checkbox;
– Added “USB Mode” list (usb mode and file mode)
– Added “File System” menu;
– Added “List and sort mode of USB devices” checkbox;
– Added “USB network driver” checkbox;
– Added “USB Attached Storage Driver” checkbox;
– Added “USB Hub” checkbox;
– Added “USB Mass Storage Device” checkbox;
– Added “USB Storage Device” checkbox;
– Added “USB Serial Device” checkbox;
– Added “USB Bluetooth Device” checkbox;
– Added “USB Printer Device” checkbox;
– Added “USB MIDI Device” checkbox;
– Added “USB MIDI Instrument” checkbox;
– Added “USB Audio Device” checkbox;
– Added “USB Line-In” checkbox;
– Added “USB Audio Line-In” checkbox;
– Added “USB Gamepad” checkbox;
– Added “USB Game Controller” checkbox;
– Added “USB Human Interface Device” checkbox;
– Added “USB Keyboard” checkbox;
– Added “USB Keyboard


System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
Windows XP – Vista – Windows 7
Intel or AMD CPU
Microsoft.NET Framework – 2.0
Windows 2000 – Windows Server 2003
1 GB of RAM
512 MB of RAM recommended for full installation
1024 x 768 monitor
Mac OS X – Linux
Core 2 Duo processor