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The Vampire Diaries Full Movie In Hindi 140 LINK

The Vampire Diaries Full Movie In Hindi 140 LINK

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The Vampire Diaries Full Movie In Hindi 140

Elijah has been kept alive by Klaus with an electrical current running through him. While keeping him alive, Klaus has Elijah read to him from old celebrity vampire memoirs and has him regale Klaus with vampire stories from centuries past. To this, Elijah does not know it has been a century since he last tasted blood, and he is enjoying the stories immensely until they come to the late 1800s. Klaus reveals he took all of his siblings except Damon and Stefan to him in order to do whatever he wanted with them. Henry explains that he had Klaus’ body frozen for 150 years in a casket in the attic with the rest of the Gilbert siblings. After waking up, Klaus went on to sow the Gales and other supernatural creatures against his lieutenants, destroying New Orleans and claiming all the power of the Bellefleurs at that time. He then summoned the Bennett Salvatore line to turn them vampire in the hopes of getting a strong vampiric power. However, there were enough Gales to destroy the entire line, including all of the Bennetts. After Klaus went on to the foundations of the Bennett Salvatore line, it was deemed exhausted

Klaus and Rebekah are both prepared to keep Elijah alive forever because Klaus is afraid of losing his control again, which it is clear Elijah doesn’t have. He later finds out that Rebekah’s plan is to spend the rest of eternity keeping Elijah alive. In, Rebekah and Elijah’s caretaker is poisoned by their members of the Hollow and Elijah has Rebekah “remove” the daggers from Elijah. Elijah is outraged and she of course retaliates by trying to kill Rebekah. Rebekah tells Elijah that she will bring in the board of the Salvatores to try and get Elijah to end it once and for all, and that is just what she does. Rebekah and Elijah go through the board, each member, whether they are aware or not of the true origin of their family line. Elijah, aware of the heritage of the board, throws acid on them before he kills them, but is the only one. Elijah then goes after Rebekah, where she saves herself from Elijah’s acid with a werewolf shield. The shield hits Elijah’s arm, searing through and into his flesh.