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This program which has an easy set up progress and user friendly interface, is prepared for the use of car rentals. Although you do not make any identification, you can recall your old customer, vehicle, and driver information which you had entered earlier.
Moreover, by the help of the of storing rental-contracts , you can reach your old rental contract records easily.
Apart from that, you can print out rental-contracts and you can design them.


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Download 🔗






LISTRENT.EASY [Updated-2022]

LISTRENT.EASY is very simple. All you need to do is to enter the information about your vehicle, driver, license number, and rental period (in months).
Now you can rent a vehicle easily, It has a very simple set up progress and user friendly interface.
Apart from that, you can store your rental contract and you can also print your rental contracts.
LISTRENT.EASY – offers:-
1) Very easy set up progress
2)User friendly interface
3)Storing of the information
4)Printing of the rental contracts
5)Rent for your car anywhere around the world.
How it works:
Once you have completed the set up, you can rent your vehicle from anywhere in the world. After that, you can track your rental history by entering the vehicle information which you have previously given and you can track your orders easily. Moreover, by just entering the license number, you can find all the contacts regarding the driver’s license and vehicle insurance.
LISTRENT.EASY – How to use it:
It has three main menu which you can use to operate the program easily.
1)Menu – main menu
2)My Account- To enter the previous contacts
3)Rental History- To track your rental
If you are not satisfied with the program, you can contact us easily.
Don’t miss your chance to rent your vehicle in this new world.
LISTRENT.EASY – Limited Time Offer:
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LISTRENT.EASY Crack+ Download

This program is specially designed for the rental car industry. The main aim of the program is to ease up your works. With its help, you can easily manage your transactions, contracts, and contacts.
By the help of the user friendly interface and easy interface, you can easily use the program and can manage your data. The program does not need any installation.
This program has 3 main views which are:
* Transaction View: This view is the main one which is used for different types of car rental transactions. This view has 3 tabs:
1. Searching: This view is used to do the search of the item which you are looking for.
2. Assigning: This view is used to assign the vehicle to the customer.
3. Departing: This view is used to display the traveling details of the customer.
* Payment View: This view is used for the payment of the rental costs.
* Contract View: This view is used for the view of the contract.
* Reports View: This view is used for the view of the reports. This view is useful for the records of the customer, vehicle, and driver.
* Contract Print: This view is used for the print out of the contract. The format of this view is a PDF file.
Key Features:
* Easy to use.
* User friendly interface.
* Easy to print.
* No other software is required.
* Compatible with Windows.
* Very cheap to download.
* Updated weekly with new features and improvements.
* Very easy to use.
* It can add your own data.
* No user information is required to use the program.
* You can manage your rental vehicle details as you wish.
* You can easily find your old rental vehicle information.
* You can easily find your old customer information.
* You can easily find your old contract information.
* You can easily find your old driver information.
* You can easily update your own data.
* You can export the data in the CSV file.
* You can print out the data in PDF format.
* You can easily view the data in the list.
* You can easily view the data in the tabular format.
* You can easily export your data as you wish.
* You can easily transfer the data to other programs.
* You can assign the vehicle to the customer.
* You can add new driver information.
* You can


Its a simple and easy system, it provides you a fastest and reliable way to manage your vehicles and your drivers through car rental.
If you have got many vehicle and many drivers then you can’t keep your information to a single file but you have to maintain your information in different file. This is not possible through a single file. In this way you are losing your information.
In the LISTRENT.EASY system, you can manage all your information by saving it in separate file for your vehicles and drivers. You can maintain all your information of your rental vehicles and drivers in one file.
It is very easy to manage and you do not need to be expert to use it.
It can be a good assistant for you to rent a vehicle.
The main advantage of LISTRENT.EASY is that you can manage your information of your vehicles and drivers easily.

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What’s New in the LISTRENT.EASY?

Contracts helps you in the maintenance of rental information in an easy way. You can find and print the contracts easily with the help of this application. Moreover, you can export and import the contracts to the database. Further, you can create the contracts.


Contracts tool:

Data base:


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1
Processor: 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, or 4 GB with 1 GB VRAM
Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
Graphics: 1 GB VRAM
Hard Drive: 8 GB