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Gun Club VR Full Version Free ((EXCLUSIVE)) 🔋

Gun Club VR Full Version FreeDOWNLOAD


Gun Club VR Full Version Free

Soon after their smash-hit Gun Club VR for PlayStation VR they’ve finally released their companion for Gun Club VR: ‘Gun Club VR Lite’. Apart from delivering a more resource-friendly experience, the main difference is the portability thanks to the use of emulated hardware. So, is it worth it?

I’m always up for something new and different. Well, GUN CLUB VR is new, different and it’s pretty exhilarating. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I played Gun Club for the first time, but I was hooked from the moment I started playing. Gun Club VR is As Reality, a virtual firearm simulator developed by KDA. The game is a rudimentary first person shooter which tasks the player to shoot at buildings, people and therefore death. Oh and you get to hold an assault rifle which is ridiculously fun.

Since we’re building a better world, we’re building a better FPS! Gun Club VR is a brilliant way to experience first-person shooters in virtual reality. There’s a large assortment of guns, some that can carry around 100 rounds at a time, others are small and take up a good portion of your backpack. Although they’re not all viable, you could probably carry around the assault rifle while walking, going for a jog or climbing stairs. But don’t be scared, more guns are a good thing right?