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Time-related changes in subjective memory, mood and stress during the pregnancy.
Changes in subjective memory, mood and stress in a large population of pregnant women have been investigated using the Utrechtse Stress-Tolerant Overlapping Symptom Questionnaire (STOSQ). The questionnaire includes two questionnaires, the STOSQ, assessing subjective stress, mood and memory, and the STSQ, assessing subjective memory. The objective was to identify risk factors for pregnant women having subjective memory problems. Pregnant women were recruited at their first visit to their general practitioner and filled out the questionnaires at the beginning and end of their pregnancy. The pregnant women were subdivided into a low-risk group and a high-risk group. The high-risk group consisted of women with a history of mental health problems, obstetric risk factors, non-Dutch nationality and/or having an excessive number of children. Risk factors for subjects with subjective memory problems were depression (p Q:

Rename a column in a data frame in pandas

I would like to rename a column in a dataframe from ‘category’ to ‘label’
df.columns = [‘category’, ‘label’]
I have tried it a few ways but I get
“ValueError: cannot convert the series to when converting to ‘pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'”


You have an extra comma in your columns= list.
from io import StringIO
import pandas as pd

# example dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame({‘title’: [‘foo’, ‘bar’], ‘category’: [‘one’, ‘two’]})
df.columns = [‘title’, ‘category’, ‘label’]

# rename columns
df.rename(columns=lambda x: x.replace(‘category’, ‘label’))

# the new dataframe

What’s New in the?

How to Use the Checker:

1. Open the existing Checker document from Step 1.
2. Open the “Brute Force” tab.
3. Under the “Passwords” box, type in the password you wish to check.
4. Click on the “Check” button to verify that the new password is what you’re expecting.
5. When you have created a new Password, click on the “New Password” button and repeat the steps above.


The best method of attacking a password is to guess passwords in a brute-force manner.
This can be done using software like

honeypot: ( ),

kamikaze: ( ),

brute: ( ).

These programs allow an attacker to keep track of whether or not they have already been defeated in an attempt to guess the password.

The average length of a password that is typically expected is between 8 and 15 characters.
Therefore, you can estimate the number of passwords that an attacker must attempt to guess.
The more characters in your password, the more likely it is that they will fail.

The attack takes into account the difference in time it takes to check each character of the password.
By dividing the time it takes to check each character by the total number of characters, you can calculate the minimum number of checks that an attacker must attempt to guess the password.

An attack would take into account the error and assumes that the attacker will check every character of the password if the first character of the password matches the minimum number.

If an attacker only has access to a password guessing program, such as honeypot,
they can only guess so many passwords per second.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-7200U or AMD equivalent
Disc space: 2GB
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